I visited Portugal for the first time and following the internet travel advice almost ruined my trip

Visiting Portugal was great, but not all internet advice was helpful.Christina Montford/Insider Portugal was great to visit, but the internet has led me astray a few times. If you are looking for a tourist bus, avoid tram 28. Don’t trust Google for monuments hours. This summer, when I decided to go to Portugal, I scoured … Read more

Fairphone’s serviceable smartphone will go on sale in the US for the first time, in a Murena and/OS “deGoogled” variant

Image credits: Fairphone European sustainable smartphone brand Fairphone is entering the US market by making its flagship repairable phone available for purchase for the first time through another collaboration with e/OS, a French non-profit open source operating system maker privacy-focused offering a deGoogled mobile operating system. The Dutch ethical electronics social enterprise remains focused on … Read more

The new law could allow GCHQ to monitor UK internet logs in real time to tackle fraud

UK’s signal and cyber intelligence agency GCHQ could monitor UK national internet traffic logs in real-time to identify online fraud and stop criminals in the act, according to a new law before the government . The scheme could amount to the sea change in philosophy and practice demanded by MPs last year, when a fraud … Read more

Apple is changing the charging port with iPhone 15 and it won’t be like last time

When Apple unveils the iPhone 15 lineup in two months, it will also announce the first charging port change since the iPhone 5. For many iPhone users, however, nothing will change in the way the iPhone is charged. 30-pin to Lightning In retrospect, it’s a little hard to believe that Apple only made five iPhone … Read more