Mobile internet is changing employment in developing countries, but not always as expected – ProMarket

Dmitry Kovalchuk/Getty Images Scholars and policy makers have placed much faith in the prospect of internet connectivity catalyzing development in low- and middle-income countries. In new research, Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg and Gaurav Chiplunkar find that better 3G coverage leads to better job opportunities for individuals and higher female labor force participation. However, these new opportunities … Read more

OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the Internet

Image credits: Open AI OpenAI’s AI-powered viral chatbot, ChatGPT, can now browse the Internet in some cases. OpenAI today launched plugins for ChatGPT, which extend the capabilities of bots by granting them access to third-party knowledge sources and databases, including the web. Available in alpha for ChatGPT users and developers in the list of Waiting, … Read more

Is being anonymous on the Internet really liberating?

In 2023, it’s very likely that much of your life will be spent living anonymously on the internet. Whether it’s hiding in subreddits, scrolling on Instagram, or posting to a favorite Discord with a random username, most people’s digital diet is to browse and interact with the web without their identity attached. But for as … Read more

You (probably) don’t need Gigabit Internet

You’ve probably seen ads for gigabit internet services that promise blazing speeds that will eliminate lag when you play online and let you upload files in seconds. Upgrading to gigabit sounds tempting—after all, faster speeds are always better, right? Not necessarily. In fact, some entry-level to mid-range internet plans are fine for most people, even … Read more

A TikTok ban would make for an incredibly strange day on the internet

Last chance to see? Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photo: Getty Images Last week, in a party vote, the Republican-controlled House Foreign Affairs Committee voted to advance a bill that would give President Biden the authority to sanction or ban TikTok. Over the weekend, Democratic Senator Mark Warner announced that, in cooperation with Republican John Thune, he would … Read more