I visited Portugal for the first time and following the internet travel advice almost ruined my trip

Visiting Portugal was great, but not all internet advice was helpful.Christina Montford/Insider Portugal was great to visit, but the internet has led me astray a few times. If you are looking for a tourist bus, avoid tram 28. Don’t trust Google for monuments hours. This summer, when I decided to go to Portugal, I scoured … Read more

The internet eviscerates the travel influencers of the Shein brand

The internet was set on fire after influencers posted on social media about a branded trip offered by Shein. (Rhea Nayyar screenshot/Hyperallergic through Chirping) The story of the Titanic’s submersible implosion was short-lived in the media cycle as the world focused on the second trendiest thing to hate after billionaire fast fashion. Last week, the … Read more