The Morris worm saw a graduate student crash the Internet in 1988

If you ever think you screwed up in college, you definitely have nothing on the creator of The Morris Worm. It was launched on November 2, 1988 by Cornell University PhD student Robert Morris Jr, and it broke the internet. There were no bottles popping in the crash, just three rows that could launch what … Read more

Open source wants to eat the Internet

With the help of Derek Robertson Chirping. | AP Photo/Richard Drew The revolution will not be copyrighted. Everyone from billionaire tycoons to anonymous programmers working in the digital equivalent of their parents’ garage are betting on a future where most of the computer code that runs the world is free and open-source. Open source software … Read more

Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is trying to save the internet

In 2022, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey left the company. One of his new projects, Bluesky, is a social media app it seems Exactly like Twitter. The difference? Bluesky promises an unprecedented level of control over your scrolling experience. The goal, essentially, is to undo all of Dorsey’s self-described mistakes, fixing social media and perhaps, hopefully, … Read more

Students Use the Internet of Things to Connect, Inspire | Cornell Chronicle

Six weeks into Professor Max Zhang’s Internet of Things (IoT) course, he holds a graduation ceremony, complete with music, certificates and photos because, after a crash course on how to build, code and extract data from sensors, students are ready for the next goal of the courses: helping the community. The course asks students to … Read more