Google’s Pixel Fold fails JerryRigEverything’s durability test spectacularly

Google unveiled the Pixel Fold at its annual I/O developer conference earlier this year. While it reeked of first-generation hardware with its $1,800 price tag focused on early adopters and zealous marketing claims, we hoped the device would prove its worth. Thankfully, YouTube has given us fame from creators like JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson, who speeds … Read more

Fairphone’s serviceable smartphone will go on sale in the US for the first time, in a Murena and/OS “deGoogled” variant

Image credits: Fairphone European sustainable smartphone brand Fairphone is entering the US market by making its flagship repairable phone available for purchase for the first time through another collaboration with e/OS, a French non-profit open source operating system maker privacy-focused offering a deGoogled mobile operating system. The Dutch ethical electronics social enterprise remains focused on … Read more

The race for 5G speed is over and T-Mobile has won | Digital Trends

T-Mobile Every few months, a new market analysis comes out comparing the best 5G performance and availability among US carriers. Each time, we wonder if the latest report will finally topple T-Mobile, which has held a lead over rivals AT&T and Verizon for years. However, with each new report, T-Mobile pushes forward while AT&T and … Read more