The best weather apps for iPhone in 2023

With the unreliability of Apple’s stock Weather app, which occasionally goes offline for no particular reason, users can leverage several other apps to check the weather.

Whether you want something nice or you want advanced climate data like a pro, these are the best weather apps you can download for your iPhone in 2023.

Carrot Weather – the king of weather on iOS

Image Source: Carrot Time

No possible list of the best weather apps can begin without a mention of Carrot. For years, the developer has been building and improving the experience with this satirical AI that knows everything about the climate. Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, the app is currently free to download but with different tiers, depending on what you want.

If you download it for free, you will be able to check the weather data you want. However, when you start paying for the app, you can add different sources of weather data, notifications, including precipitation, weather alerts and more, lock and home screen widgets, live activity, Apple Watch complication and background updates, a customizable interface and much more.

That said, this is truly the best experience you can get if you’re looking for a weather app. You can find it here in the App Store.

Not boring time

Image source: Not boring weather

The 2021 Apple Design Award finalist Not Boring Weather is another excellent option for those who care about the aesthetics of their apps. Integrated with 3D animation and video game-inspired sounds, it’s a weather experience like you’ve never had before, or actually experienced, if you play tons of games. It’s simple, beautiful, and you can use it for free.

A subscription offers different skins, other Not Boring apps, and a few other features. The developers make checking the time not so trivial, and it’s just nice to open it during the day. You can find it here in the App Store.

In meteorological form

Image source: WeatherFit

What makes this one of the best weather apps for your iPhone is that not only will you know if it’s cold or raining, but it could also help you find the best solution. The app offers a stylish virtual body that dresses according to the weather.

You can create your own avatar and customize your disguise path by choosing everything on it. Weather Fit combines everything you expect from a weather app, but offers that extra too. The app is free to download, but a premium version removes ads, adds more clothes and scenery, unlocks all widgets, and offers more data sources. You can find it here in the App Store.

CuteWeather – weather widget

Image source: CuteWeather

CuteWeather may be the best weather app for you if you like aesthetics and cuteness. It offers widgets, icons and wallpapers to personalize your iPhone home screen. It provides an “accurate kawaii forecast” as well as a weather map.

That said, you can download the app for free if you’re willing to have all this cuteness, but keep in mind that it charges an expensive $3.99 weekly subscription, so you’ll probably decide to upgrade to an annual subscription for $19.99. If you’re up for paying the price for a kawaii environment, you can find it here in the App Store.

Solar Watch Sunrise Sunset Time

Image source: SolarWatch

Last but not least, SolarWatch is a weather app focused on tracking sunrise and sunset, but also with accurate weather information. Works with your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. It’s perfect for photographers looking to capture the ideal shot, or anyone who enjoys watching the sun rise or set.

The app also features an AR mode and map overlays so you can plan the elevation and direction of the sun for different times and locations. The app is free to download but requires a subscription to unlock all features. You can find it here in the App Store.

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