Sideloading in iOS 17: Will Apple ever play right, and can the iPhone succeed if it does?

Image Credit – Apple WWDC 2023 has come and gone, meaning iOS 17 should be upon us sooner rather than later (unlike Apple Vision Pro sadly). Overall, my overall impression is that this iteration is a somewhat incremental update and offers far less to get excited about than last year’s iOS 16. However, during the … Read more

AI-generated text is hard to spot. It could play an important role in the 2024 campaign

Generative AI applications have become publicly accessible over the past year, opening up vast opportunities for creativity and confusion. Just recently, presidential candidate Ron Desantis’ campaign shared apparently fake images of Donald Trump and Antony Fauci made with artificial intelligence. A few weeks earlier, a probable AI-generated image of the bombed Pentagon caused brief stock … Read more