Chinese cloud computing provider UCloud warns of risk of securing orders for Nvidia’s advanced chips due to high demand and tightened US caps

Chinese cloud computing provider UCloud Technology Co said it faces uncertainty in sourcing advanced semiconductors from Nvidia Corp due to high demand, as US export restrictions on such chips continue to hamper efforts. of artificial intelligence (AI) development of China. Shanghai-based UCloud, which offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service and AI service platforms to Internet companies and traditional enterprises, … Read more

Nvidia’s RTX 5000 GPUs are a confusing proposition for gamers like me

So, Nvidia is definitely doing another generation of desktop GPUs – currently codenamed “Ada Lovelace-Next”. The current generation of RTX 4000 cards have been a mixed bag, to say the least, and these new GPUs aren’t slated for release until 2025, but I’m already a little concerned about the whole situation, to be honest. Before … Read more