SpaceX’s Starlink Internet satellites “leak” so much radiation that it harms radio astronomy, scientists say

An artist’s illustration of the Starlink satellites above the LOFAR array. The hum of onboard electronics that power SpaceX’s Starlink satellites could be disrupting radio astronomy observations, according to a new study. Experts have long warned about how astronomy suffers from megaconstellations of satellites in low Earth orbit such as SpaceX‘S Stellar connection. The stripes … Read more

Leak of promotional materials for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Snapdragon 888

T Hzzif, 15 hours agoI don’t know much about it, but can someone tell me why Samsung wouldn’t take Medi…moreProbably because Snapdragon makes exclusive SoCs for Samsung, gets their chips manufactured by Samsung, Samsung is probably the single largest Snapdragon customer, and they both complement each other in many other ways. maniac, 13 hours … Read more