Google AI features MediaPipeDiffusion plug-ins that enable controllable generation of text-to-image on the device Diffusion models have been used extensively with considerable success in text-to-image generation in recent years, leading to significant improvements in image quality, inference performance, and the scope of our creative possibilities. However, effective generation management remains a challenge, especially under conditions that are difficult to put into words. MediaPipe dispersion plug-ins, developed by Google … Read more

Interface-like memristive device pushes neuromorphic computing forward – News

Researchers at the Los Alamos Laboratory’s Center for Integrated Nano Technologies (CINT) recently published details of a neuromorphic computing device that mimics the behavior of a neural synapse. The result? Computing that achieved 94.72% accuracy in recognizing handwritten numbers. The device is an interface-type memristor made of gold/niobium-doped strontium titanate, all in a Schottky structure … Read more