Do your iPhone a favor and clear its cache

Your iphone it does a lot for you. It offers access to social media, emails and answers to unexpected burning questions wherever you go. But what do you do for your iPhone? You probably toss it back and forth between your pocket or purse and a hard, flat surface. Maybe you even made him suffer the ignominy of being flushed down the toilet. Happens.

Just like every other piece of tech, your iPhone benefits from a little TLC, especially if your browsing starts to feel sluggish over time. Keep yours iPhone 14 Pro, ProMax or any other model that moves as fast as possible by clearing the cache every month – it only takes seconds.

Whether you use Chrome, Safari or other browsers on your iPhone, your cache creates digital clutter over time. Clearing your cache gives your browser a fresh start, which can speed up your web browsing, even up iOS 16.5 or the upcoming iOS 17. (And if you’re looking to make your phone work faster, give it a try manage your iPhone’s storage space.)

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Your browser’s cache works like a digital shortcut: it stores website data so your browser has a head start the next time you load that page. In the short term, this helps speed up the process. But over time, cached data can become stale and no longer match what the site actually needs. In this case, the pages will load more slowly and the formatting may be incorrect.

Here’s why clearing your cache can help: It gives sites a fresh start in your browser and frees up memory space.

Website cookies are similar, except that they store information about user data, rather than data about the website itself. Deleting cookies gives you the opportunity to reset these preferences, which could improve your browsing experience. Note that clearing your cache and cookies will log you out of the sites, which means you’ll need to log in again and reset your preferences. But investing that time upfront can lead to a smoother experience down the road, and can be a useful fix if you’ve recently changed settings that aren’t applying correctly.

Here are the step-by-step guides on how to clear the cache on your iPhone based on the browser you use.

How to clear your iPhone’s cache in Safari

Safari it is the default browser on iPhones and you can clear Safari cache in just a few steps. Starting with iOS 11, following this process will affect all devices signed in to yours iCloud account. As a result, all caches of your devices will be cleared and you will have to access everything the next time you use them. Here’s what to do.

1.Open the Settings apps on your iPhone.

2. To select Safari from the app list.

3. Go to Clear history and website data.

4. Choose Clear history and data in the pop-up window.

Then you are good to go!

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How to clear your iPhone’s cache in Chrome

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It’s easy to clear your iPhone’s cache in Chrome.

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Chrome is another popular browser for iPhone users. Thankfully, Google has streamlined the process for clearing Chrome’s cache, making clearing data much faster.

1. Open the Chrome app.

2. Select the three dots at the bottom right to open more options.

3. Choose Clear browsing data to open another menu.

4. Select the time range you want at the top of the menu (anywhere from Last Hour to All Time).

5.Make sure that Cookies, Site data is selected, along with Cached images and files. Finally, strike Clear browsing data at the bottom of the screen.

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How to clear your iPhone’s cache in Firefox

If you are a firefox devotee, don’t worry. Clearing the cache on your iPhone is pretty easy. Just follow these steps.

1. Click on the hamburger menu in the lower right corner to open the options.

2. Choose Settings at the bottom of the menu.

3. To select Data management in the Privacy section.

4. You can select Website data to clear data for individual sites or select Erase private data at the bottom of the screen to clear data from all selected fields.

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What happens when you clear the cache?

Clearing the cache removes locally stored website data from your phone so you don’t have to download that data each time you visit. The data in your cache builds up over time and can end up slowing things down if it gets too cluttered or out of date. (My phone had about 150MB of data stored in Chrome when I checked.) Clearing that data allows sites to start over, which may fix some loading errors and speed up the browser. However, clearing the cache also logs you out of pages, so be prepared to log back into everything.

How often should I clear the cache?

Most people only need to clear their caches once a month or two. This is generally where your browser will create a cache large enough to start slowing things down. If you frequent a large number of sites, you should sin clearing the cache more often.

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