What is Internet Identity and how does it work?

Passwords are difficult. Even with password managers to generate and autofill them, they’re still a hassle to use for all the day-to-day logins in our lives. The problem is that there are no great alternatives. However, Web3 engineers at the DFINITY Foundation are working on a promising alternative. It’s called II or Internet Identity, and … Read more

[Update: Jul 14] Internet/cable Mediacom does not work and does not work: the interruption causes complaints to users – PiunikaWeb

New updates are added at the bottom of this story. The original story (released June 27, 2019) follows: It appears that internet provider Mediacom is currently experiencing some sort of outage. In particular, Mediacom Internet users are turning to social media platforms to share the service which is currently not working. Here are some reports: … Read more

Review: Pixel 7 turns into a work of art with the Carveds Live Edge wooden case

Cases for Google Pixel phones have long been an afterthought. For a long time, designs were boring and bland. Things are definitely getting better with time, and a wonderful example of this is the Carveds Live Edge wooden case, which turns your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro into a true work of art. Carved … Read more

I used to work at the Apple Store, here are 5 things you should never buy there

While the Apple Stores might be great bastions of incredible architecture, cantilevered mezzanines, and soaring glass panels, they’re not the place to be if you really want to save money on everything you buy. Apple’s notoriously stingy, but arguably fair, retail prices Almost they never change throughout the year and, if they do, very rarely … Read more