Reviewer’s Opinion on Worst Gaming Monitor Buying Mistakes | Digital Trends

Tracking down the best gaming monitors is no simple task. As you can see from how we test gaming monitors, it involves a lot more than just throwing a display on a desk and playing a couple of games. And even after years of reviewing, I still see some common mistakes shoppers make when buying … Read more

Where to watch Tour de France 2023: free live stream | Digital Trends

The best professional cyclists in the world will converge on Europe this July for the 110th edition of the Tour de France. As cycling’s most prestigious race, the Tour de France consists of 21 stages over 23 days. The first stage begins in Bilbao, Spain on July 1st. The race then moves to France, where … Read more

Even influencers are afraid of the internet

My longest parasocial relationship, with a popular beauty influencer named Jenn Im, spans eight years. I discovered her in a vlog titled Meet My Boyfriend and since then, along with over 3 million other subscribers, have kept up with what she eats in a day and her monthly beauty favorites. Her videos have become a … Read more