[Update: Jul 14] Internet/cable Mediacom does not work and does not work: the interruption causes complaints to users – PiunikaWeb

New updates are added at the bottom of this story. The original story (released June 27, 2019) follows: It appears that internet provider Mediacom is currently experiencing some sort of outage. In particular, Mediacom Internet users are turning to social media platforms to share the service which is currently not working. Here are some reports: … Read more

Why the iPhone 15 Pro Max may prove too much for Pixel users to ignore

Pixel users are pretty much a loyal bunch even though Google has made it difficult for many to remain Pixel owners. The Pixel 6 series fingerprint sensors unlocked the phone for everyone or didn’t unlock the phone for the device owner. And the modem was so bad that many Pixel users would find it impossible … Read more

ChatGPT in legal trouble, accused of theft of personal data of Internet users

ChatGPT creator OpenAI Inc. has been sued for stealing massive amounts of personal information to train its AI models in a reckless pursuit of profits. Chat owner GPT and Microsoft have been sued and hit with a $3 billion ($2.4 billion) class action lawsuit over alleged theft of data from hundreds of millions of Internet … Read more

MIT Introduces Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Tool: Improving Graph Interpretation and Accessibility with Detail-rich, Adaptive Captions for Users of All Abilities

https://vis.mit.edu/pubs/vistext.pdf In a significant step toward improving the accessibility and understanding of complex diagrams and graphs, a team of researchers from MIT has created a revolutionary dataset called VisText. The dataset aims to revolutionize chart auto-caption systems by training machine learning models to generate accurate and semantically rich captions that accurately describe data trends and … Read more

Because suggestions like “turn off your iPhone for five minutes” don’t actually help users

Last week, the Australian prime minister offered some safety advice for iPhone users, suggesting that everyone should turn off their iPhone for five minutes every night. On the surface, this may seem like harmless advice for iPhone users, but the reality is a bit more nuanced. Indeed, such broad and generalized statements as this one … Read more