The forum discusses the limitations of AI

Prof Daniel Little of the University of Michigan-Dearborn speaks at the Asian Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2033 event at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Thammasat University.Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Artificial intelligence (AI) can be both an opportunity and a threat, but it can never duplicate social media … Read more

AI roundup this month: Drone ‘kills’ operator; DeepMind accelerates

A US Air Force Reaper drone AP Footage/Alamy Reports of an AI drone “killing” its operator have led to nothing This month we heard about a fascinating AI experiment by a US Air Force colonel. An AI-controlled drone trained to autonomously perform bombing missions had turned to its human operator when told not to attack … Read more

‘Godfather of AI’ urges governments to stop machine takeovers

Computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, known as the ‘Godfather of AI’, speaks at the Collision Tech Conference in Toronto, Canada TORONTO (CANADA): Geoffrey Hinton, one of the so-called godfathers of artificial intelligence (AI), on Wednesday urged governments to step in and make sure machines don’t take over society. Hinton made headlines in May when he announced … Read more

China lures billionaires in race to catch US in AI

China is a landscape held back by US tech sanctions, data from regulators and calls for censorship China’s tech sector has a new obsession: competing with US titans like Google and Microsoft Corp. in the breakneck race of global artificial intelligence. Billionaire entrepreneurs, mid-level engineers and foreign firm veterans alike now nurture a remarkably consistent … Read more

DeepMind AI’s new way of sorting objects could speed up global computation

Sorting algorithms are a vital part of computer science BEST WALLPAPERS/Shutterstock An algorithm used trillions of times a day around the world could work up to 70% faster, thanks to an artificial intelligence created by the British company DeepMind. He found a better way for computers to sort through data that has been overlooked by … Read more