Review: Pixel 7 turns into a work of art with the Carveds Live Edge wooden case

Cases for Google Pixel phones have long been an afterthought. For a long time, designs were boring and bland. Things are definitely getting better with time, and a wonderful example of this is the Carveds Live Edge wooden case, which turns your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro into a true work of art. Carved … Read more

Week in Review: Auto, Security, Pervasive Computing

AI inflection has raised $1.3 billion in a new funding round led by Microsoft, Reid Hoffmann, Bill Gates, Eric SchmidtAND Nvidia after raising $225 million in the first round to support the ongoing development of Pi, a helpful, friendly, and fun artificial intelligence. In partnership with CoreWeave and NVIDIA, Inflection aims to create the world’s … Read more

Synapse Review: Roguelite Mind Blocks Prevent Greatness | Digital Trends

“Synapse is a flashy PlayStation VR2-exclusive roguelite that gets too repetitive for its own good.” Professionals Stunning graphics Telekinetic powers Intriguing story Against Lack of variety in content Linear roguelite structure I’ve never reviewed a game in VR before, so Synapse it was quite a shocking experience. I had to critically evaluate it while totally … Read more

Hands-on review: Majority Quadriga Internet Radio Music System

All music, always. The Quadriga connected music system, from Cambridge-based brand Majority, is the Bard’s big brother with similar specifications, but with the addition of a CD player and more powerful speakers. Depending on your aural predilections – and perhaps your age – the need for a CD player would likely be what influences your … Read more