New AI Research Presents AttrPrompt: An LLM as a Training Data Generator for a New Paradigm in Zero-Shot Learning The performance of large language models (LLM) has been impressive in many different natural language processing (NLP) applications. In recent studies, LLMs have been proposed as generators of task-specific training data to reduce the need for task-specific data and annotations, particularly for text classification. While these efforts have demonstrated the utility of LLMs as … Read more

A Big Leap in Quantum Computing with a Magnetic Breakthrough A New Paradigm

This artist’s impression shows the splitting of electrons in which strongly interacting charges can split into three parts in the fractional quantum anomalous Hall phase. Credit: Eric Anderson/University of Washington A[{” attribute=””>University of Washington-led team has made a key quantum computing breakthrough by detecting fractional quantum anomalous Hall states in semiconductor material flakes, which could … Read more