Why the iPhone 15 Pro Max may prove too much for Pixel users to ignore

Pixel users are pretty much a loyal bunch even though Google has made it difficult for many to remain Pixel owners. The Pixel 6 series fingerprint sensors unlocked the phone for everyone or didn’t unlock the phone for the device owner. And the modem was so bad that many Pixel users would find it impossible … Read more

The new version of MakuluLinux takes artificial intelligence to the max

The first beta version of MakuluLinux Max brings artificial intelligence into everyday desktop use. Max’s AI entity, Electra, could very well be the start of a new kind of innovation being adopted by other distro developers. Raise the bar on what Linux users should expect from their computing platform. Max is a new distribution from … Read more

iPhone 15 colors: all shades mentioned, including 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

New iPhones almost inevitably mean new finishes, and we’re already hearing about some of the iPhone 15 colors we could see at the phone series’ expected launch in September. Based on past shape, there will likely be a mix of old and new shades for each model, and we have a reasonable idea of ​​what … Read more