Government launches free iPhone program and Internet access for low-income families

LEWES, Del., July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The federal government is proud to announce the launch of an innovative initiative to bridge the digital divide and ensure equal access to technology for low-income families. In an effort to boost connectivity and empower underprivileged communities, the government introduced the Free iPhone Program, giving eligible households free … Read more

Space computing technology company Rypplzz launches on the sly

June 28, 2023 Rypplzzcreators of geolocation platform Interlife, recently announced $3 million in pre-seed funding from investors including Deal Box Ventures, Fulcrom Investing and Innovative Venture Partners, to accelerate adoption of the company’s geospatial mapping technology connecting the digital-physical world with greater precision. Rypplzz creates “air smart” that transforms airspace into monetizable engagement opportunities by … Read more