MIT Introduces Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Tool: Improving Graph Interpretation and Accessibility with Detail-rich, Adaptive Captions for Users of All Abilities In a significant step toward improving the accessibility and understanding of complex diagrams and graphs, a team of researchers from MIT has created a revolutionary dataset called VisText. The dataset aims to revolutionize chart auto-caption systems by training machine learning models to generate accurate and semantically rich captions that accurately describe data trends and … Read more

Contextual AI Introduces LENS: An AI Framework for Augmented Vision Language Models Outperforms Flamingo by 9% (56->65%) on VQAv2

Large Language Models (LLM) have transformed natural language understanding in recent years, demonstrating remarkable aptitudes in semantic understanding, query resolution, and text output, particularly in zero-shot and few-shot environments. As seen in Fig. 1(a), several methods have been proposed for using LLM on tasks involving vision. An optical encoder can be trained to represent each … Read more

AWS GetIT introduces young students in Ukraine and Poland to cloud computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) GetIT provides a unique opportunity for young people to learn about technology and design app ideas to solve problems in their communities. AWS GetIT is a fully funded cloud-focused educational program and app design competition for school students. The programme, currently available in 13 countries, helps schools and educators encourage their … Read more

Apple Introduces $3,500 Vision Pro Headset: Will It Eventually Push VR into the Mainstream, or Is It an Expensive Toy?

Apple has unveiled the Vision Pro, an expensive pair of glasses that the company promises will unlock a whole new universe of magical new virtual and augmented reality apps. The headset will be priced starting at $3,499, available starting early 2024 in the US (with more countries later in the year). Apple announced the years-in-development … Read more