Google updates privacy policy to collect public data for AI training

Google updates privacy policy to collect public data for AI training

Over the weekend, Google updated its privacy policy to allow the company to collect and analyze the information people share online to train its AI models. Google states that it will use this information to improve its services and develop new products based on artificial intelligence. The update to Google’s privacy policy reads: “Google uses … Read more

Marvell Stock: How Custom Data Center Chips Present an Opportunity for AI

Marvel technology Marvel technology mrvl $1.57 2.63% 65% IBD stock analysis Stocks soared higher in May on earnings, then fell back Shares on track to form a consolidation by next week Possible entry point now available at 61.46 from the pullback Composite rating Industry group ranking Emerging model Retreat * Data not in real time. … Read more

ChatGPT in legal trouble, accused of theft of personal data of Internet users

ChatGPT creator OpenAI Inc. has been sued for stealing massive amounts of personal information to train its AI models in a reckless pursuit of profits. Chat owner GPT and Microsoft have been sued and hit with a $3 billion ($2.4 billion) class action lawsuit over alleged theft of data from hundreds of millions of Internet … Read more

New AI Research Presents AttrPrompt: An LLM as a Training Data Generator for a New Paradigm in Zero-Shot Learning The performance of large language models (LLM) has been impressive in many different natural language processing (NLP) applications. In recent studies, LLMs have been proposed as generators of task-specific training data to reduce the need for task-specific data and annotations, particularly for text classification. While these efforts have demonstrated the utility of LLMs as … Read more

Unlocking Internet Secrets Through Monitoring, Data Collection, and Analysis – Help Net Security

In this Help Net Security interview, Ryan Woodley, CEO of Netcraft, discusses the importance of monitoring, collecting and analyzing Internet data to gain a deep understanding of the Internet. This insight plays a vital role in protecting and empowering clients. Netcraft has been monitoring the Internet since 1995 and knows various aspects of the industry. … Read more