A Big Leap in Quantum Computing with a Magnetic Breakthrough A New Paradigm

This artist’s impression shows the splitting of electrons in which strongly interacting charges can split into three parts in the fractional quantum anomalous Hall phase. Credit: Eric Anderson/University of Washington A[{” attribute=””>University of Washington-led team has made a key quantum computing breakthrough by detecting fractional quantum anomalous Hall states in semiconductor material flakes, which could … Read more

University of Washington team detects atomic ‘breath’ for breakthrough in quantum computing

The UW research team included Adina Ripin (left), lead author of the study and a doctoral student in the physics department, Ruoming Peng (center), co-lead author and recent UW ECE graduate (Ph. D. 22), and senior author Mo Li (right), a professor at the UW ECE and the department of physics and associate chair for … Read more