The doctor-patient relationship in the age of the internet and disinformation | India News – India Times

Doctors Day is celebrated in India to create awareness of the importance of the medical profession, recognize the challenges doctors face, and encourage the public to recognize and support their vital work. The day is dedicated to expressing gratitude and appreciation for the invaluable role they play in saving lives, promoting health and alleviating suffering. … Read more

Oracle is the First Transformation of the Age of AI (NYSE:ORCL)

Justin Sullivan Good news/bad news, but mostly good news My big takeaway for the cloud business from all this AI frenzy is that it has both good and bad news for cloud service providers, although it’s mostly good news. They are going to see higher growth, but they have to accept a lower operating margin … Read more

On the Pitfalls of Book Promotion in the Internet Age

As my flight descended over the turquoise Caribbean, I wondered,Who would go to the Cayman Islands and participate inmy literary event?I soon learned the answer: none. Only empty chairs, clumsy booksellers. Maybe you could swim with stingrays tomorrow? one suggested. They always show up. Promoting a book can shock you. After years of quiet work … Read more

The Internet Age: A New Generation of Harvard Students Get Connected | News | Harvard crimson

For Harvard students today, technology is virtually inevitable. Students select courses, submit assignments, and even attend classes through various online platforms. The Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Graduate School of Design have gone so far as to explicitly require students to have computers. But that wasn’t always the case. In a 2017 … Read more