Arnold Schwarzenegger says the future of AI from the Terminator has become a reality


July 2, 2023 | 10:47am

The Terminator’s famous line, I’ll be back, may have a completely different meaning now.

Speaking at an event titled An Evening With Arnold Schwarzenegger this week in Los Angeles, the star, 75, said the world of artificial intelligence envisioned in the Terminator movies has become a reality.

Today, everyone’s scared of where it’s going to go, Schwarzenegger said about the state of AI in 2023, per People. And in this movie, in Terminator, we talk about the machines becoming self-aware and taking over.

The actor also praised the director of the film series, James Cameron, for his outstanding writing, noting that when the film debuted in 1984 they had barely scratched the surface of artificial intelligence.

Now, over decades, it has become a reality, the actor continued. So it’s no longer fantasy or futuristic. He’s here today. And so this is Jim Cameron’s amazing writing.

The sci-fi film Terminator chronicled Schwarzenegger as he played the role of a cyborg sent from the future, sent on a mission to kill Sarah Connor, played by actress Linda Hamilton, 66.

He made the comments during an event in Los Angeles this week.
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The classic film has since been continued in many different sequels, with the most recent, Terminator: Dark Fate, premiering in 2019.

During the event, Schwarzenegger even joked that he wished he could take credit for the film.

He’s just such an amazing writer and he’s such an incredible director, that’s also one of those things that I wish I could take credit for on this film, she said.

Today everyone is afraid of it, where it will go, he said about artificial intelligence.
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He also praised the film’s director, James Cameron, at the event.
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Terminator was a movie about humans versus machines.
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I can only take credit for the character I played and the way I played him. But I mean, he created this character. He wrote it so well, he wrote the movie so well, and that’s why he’s, you know, the number one director in the world.

Schwarzenegger isn’t the only person who has recently sounded the alarm about the future of artificial intelligence.

In recent months, others have also spoken out about the potential dangers of AI, including Twitter owner Elon Musk, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and Shark Tank host Mark Cuban.

In May, Musk even referenced the Terminator while speaking about the new technology at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit.

However, the former California governor is not the only one who has raised alarms about AI in recent months.
Twitter owner Elon Musk spoke about its dangers at an event in May.
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There’s a non-zero chance he’ll become a Terminator, SpaceX founder said. It’s a small probability of annihilating humanity, but it’s not zero. We want the probability to be as close to zero as possible.

Whoopi Goldberg also expressed her hesitation about artificial intelligence during a May 31 episode of The sightas she spoke of her distrust of the computer technology of Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa.

You know she’s listening, I don’t want her in the house, Goldberg said while his co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, showed agreement. I don’t want anything that she’s smart enough to lock me out of the house. I don’t want anything that won’t let me drive my car. When you look at science fiction, it’s right there. they tell you.

However, there have been reports of AI making leaps and bounds in the medical field, with doctors and scientists in the UK achieving a big breakthrough in rapid cancer detection in May.

Other researchers have also made advances in the ability to detect pancreatic cancer early.

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